Henry Cavill’s Top 3 Strategies For Achieving Peak Mental Wellbeing

02 February 2020/Health
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Currently playing the lead role in Netflix’s fantasy drama series The Witcher, the Superman star reveals his secrets for staying productive and healthy under pressure.


If anyone knows a thing or two about fitness, it’s British actor Henry Cavill. The bonafide Hollywood pro famously starred as the ultra-buff lead in Superman and, more recently, as the monster-slaying Geralt of Rivia in Netflix drama The Witcher, considered by many to be the next Game of Thrones. What’s equally as important to him as his physical strength, however? His mental performance, which he actively works to maintain – faithfully sharing his progress on social media. No wonder, then, that his Instagram followers now number 10.6 million – a veritable army of fans hooked on his constant stream of relatable advice, documented cardio sessions, and suggestions for overcoming winter blues. It’s also why Cavill has joined forces with No.1 Rosemary Water. Here, he shares his top three tips for being the most efficient version of yourself.

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Henry Cavill on set for the No.1 Rosemary Water campaign

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Cavill as Superman in 2013

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Find the right addiction
“My work means I train a lot, and because of this I feel the responses quickly to anything new. I recently started drinking No.1 Rosemary Water, which is infused with pure rosemary, and my body started craving it, just like it would do with sugar. My team couldn’t believe it and it’s become a running joke that I’m addicted to it.”


Prioritise your body, don’t poison it
“It’s about staying healthy and not poisoning your body to within an inch of its life every weekend, hoping you survive Monday through to Thursday and starting again on Friday. To me ‘living well’ means being clean and healthy – looking after the machine we were given by nature. As a species we have harnessed the power of nature; now we need to increase our respect for the bio-mechanic machine we all have.”

Convenience is key
“The impression of working actors is that it’s a cakewalk, and it’s all very easy. But it is a lot of pressure and a lot of hard work, and the hours are exceptionally long. For season one of The Witcher I would spend at least two hours in the hair and make-up chair and it was the only time I had to learn lines. After introducing a super herb [like rosemary] to my diet, I immediately felt sharper and could maximise that time – it’s not about science, it’s about how it feels, and taking full advantage of what I need for me to achieve what I need to achieve physically and mentally.”

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