Investment Strategies

Alternative Fund Manager investing in special situations within the luxury hotel and residential industries and lifestyle investments such as vineyards.


Krios Capital adopts a high-calibre approach to investment. Thanks to our extensive network throughout the hotel, luxury residential and wine and spirits industries, we are able to proficiently identify notable deals. Through catalyst-driven investing, we unlock value and identify idiosyncratic opportunities that allow us to prosper in both benign and volatile markets.


By combining bottom-up analysis with fundamental research, we are able to think strategically as we identify potential opportunities. For us, the key is to combine qualitative and quantitative fundamental analysis to provide a clear understanding of significant catalyst situations. Within this framework, we possess a robust operational understanding of hotel assets, which enables us to identify opportunities and attractive deals early on.


This paves the way for a stronger capacity to invest in a multitude of assets. While other market participants may struggle, our operational metrics and expertise enable us to capture and exploit value-add potentials.

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We own, develop and operate our projects, with a focus on value-add development projects, which involve developing projects with an aim to position them at the correct price point. By combining institutional and on-the-ground expertise with cutting-edge real estate opportunities, we are bringing hospitality investment into the 21st century.


If you are seeking off-the-beaten-track investing, Krios Capital is the decisive choice. We offer a number of 5-star eco-resorts that serve as outstanding investment opportunities, situated in locations as far reaching as Iceland, Scotland, Norway and New Zealand. Aside from secluded investments, we also have a number of renovation projects located in major touristic destinations, including Italy, the French Riviera, Portugal and the Alps.

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Prime Residential

on the French Riviera

Our development projects are located between Monaco and St. Tropez. Though we focus primarily on renovation/refurbishment projects, we are also involved in ground up developments, working from scratch for optimal flexibility. Our comprehensive insurance policy ensures that current or future owners are insured against any significant structural damage as a result of poorly planned or executed building-work within a ten year period.


Our investment approach is distinguished by our proven ability to develop strategies that add measurable and self-sustaining value to their stakeholders and the communities in which they operate. Our knowledge in the market and constant monitoring equip us with the right tools to generate continuous returns.

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Private Equity

Krios Capital provides Growth Capital to SMEs with synergies in relation to our luxury real estate investments. We offer a complementary capability-to-development potential, which is accentuated by our operational abilities and synergies. This presents cross-over opportunities and profitable outcomes.

We seek out differentiated sources of return and value across the globe. We make investments where our participation will have a significant additional effect, and are unique in that we have knowledge of all aspects, including development and operations.

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Mezzanine/Bridge Financing

Short to Medium Term (<3 years)

Cash on Cash Return (>10%).

Bridge financing provides our investors with greater freedom and flexibility when acquiring assets. Acting on multiple opportunities simultaneously, we offer bridge financing for projects in Europe from €1M to €5M, backed by real estate only. To reap the benefits of liquidity and flexibility, we use private equity and private debt as a key tool to smooth the process of investing.

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