Krios capital


  • Investment date:2019
  • Expertise:Private equity (Growth Equity)
  • Entity involved:KRIOS CAPITAL LUX

The story of Acciaroli was reported in several high-profile media outlets – including the BBC, The Telegraph, and The New York Times – and in September 2016, it caught the interest of David Spencer-Percival, our founder and CEO. There was, however, one problem: he didn’t really want to eat it, and there were no rosemary drinks available on the market. Desperate to somehow integrate the plant into his diet, he decided to create his own. David designed No.1 Rosemary Water as a drink to remember; something that would provide a convenient means of incorporating this reinvigorating herb into conventional Western diets. Bottled according to strict quality standards, the drink contains pure 2% rosemary extract, concentrating the essential properties of the plant into a refreshing, luxurious still or sparkling beverage – retaining the distinct Mediterranean flavour. Only a select few people live in Acciaroli, but No1 Rosemary Water makes the Acciaroli lifestyle available to anyone willing to try it. If you’re going to drink, drink to your health.