• Investment date:2019
  • Expertise:Private equity (Growth Equity)
  • Entity involved:KRIOS CAPITAL LUX

The gin is made using ultrasonic maceration, vacuum distillation and CO2 supercritical extraction, which are said to use “substantially” less energy and natural resources than traditional gin distillation. Created by master scientist and innovator Marie-Anne Contamin, the gin is bottled at 44% abv and is available to purchase from the distillery in Grasse, in the Côte d’Azur, at an RRP of €75 per 50cl bottle.
Bhagath Reddy, CEO and founder of Comte de Grasse, said: “Here in Grasse we are blessed not only with fertile lands for growing intriguing and rare botanicals, but also extraordinary people with gifted knowledge all contributing to the creation of 44°N. “Utilising practices from the perfume industry for producing our gin has resulted in a flavour like nothing else we’ve tasted. On the nose, bright, tangy lemon and grapefruit give way to a lovely seaside sentiments from the samphire.